Extra Virgin Olive Oil Made in Puglia

Proud to share our heritage

Superior Category Evoo made in the Puglia region, fruit of the genuineness of the olives of our land. Thanks to a cold-pressing process and a reduced production chain, Carpinone Evoo maintains all of its organoleptic properties, giving an excellent quality to the oil.

It’s not only wine that sings
Olive oil sings too,
It lives in us with its ripe light
And among the good things of the earth
I set apart,
Olive oil,
Your ever-flowing peace,
your green essence,
Your heaped-up treasure which descends
In streams from the olive tree.

(Pablo Neruda)

Scopri il nostro olio

ELEGANTE-Slightly fruity
ARMONIOSO- Medium Fruity
VERACE-Intense Fruity

Extra Virgin Olive oil is a unique and precious food: each plant confers its fruits the scents and flavours that nature offers. Our goal is to retain them in the best way to allow you to enhance your dishes and discover unique tastes. How? Let’s discover our products…

Our mission

Our mission is to produce the extra virgin olive oil made in Puglia Par Excellence. To achieve this goal, we have invested in the cultivation of super-intensive olive groves, respecting the properties of our land, innovating our tradition and using modern equipment for the care of our olive trees. Reduced supply chain guarantees shorter production time so that all the organoleptic properties are retained.