Superior category Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The genuine taste of the Puglia region

Extra virgin olive oil is a food that has nutritional and metabolic characteristics which make it unique in taste, aroma and fragrance. Medical and nutritional sciences have had the opportunity of analysing these peculiarities along with several conducted studies, to verify their intake to human nutrition and health. It is also a healthy and genuine seasoning that can enrich our diet with essential fats and particular vitamins.

Carpinone Elegante

Slightly fruity

At first sight, it is clear and deep yellow. On the nose, it is perceived a green and slightly fruity, with herbaceous notes, green apple and banana. On the palate it tastes slightly herbaceous with aromatic herbs notes, at the end delicate bitter and spicy notes give a sweet and pleasant balance to the oil. Ideal for seasoning salads, vegetable cream soup, fish dishes, grilled vegetables.

Carpinone Armonioso

Medium Fruity

At first sight, it is yellow with green shades. On the nose, it is immediately perceived its fruity vegetable green of medium intensity that precedes notes of grass, thistle and white almond. On the palate, the harmony of the flavours is accompanied by a pleasant bitter and spicy taste. Ideal for seasoning first courses, pinzimonio, bruschetta, cheeses and white meats.

Carpinone Verace

Intense Fruity

At first sight, it is bright yellow with green shades. On the nose, it is intense and green fruity characterized by artichoke and green almond. On the palate, it is perceived as an intensely strong flavour of bitter and spicy with white pepper notes. Ideal for enhancing soups of legumes, grilled red meats.

“Preferring an extra virgin olive oil to another one means to change the value of a dish, seasoning, or even the bread for tasting. The first difference to know and evaluate is between monocultivar and blends. On one side the Evoo obtained by the pressing of only one variety of olives, on the other side the blend resulting from the oil of different varieties in order to give complexity of taste and combine the different organoleptic characteristics”.